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Quito mountains and natural attractions

Agua y Vida Hiking Trail

Agua y Vida Hiking Trail

A beautiful hike through a section of the Cayambe Coca National Park, starting at the Papallacta antennas and ending at the Papallacta Hot Springs. As you follow this hiking trail through the magnificent Papallacta paramo, you will be able to contemplate beautiful views of many Andean lagoons, including Parcacocha, Anteojos and Baños; you will pass by the “Cascada Milagrosa” Waterfall and then arrive to the Cayambe Coca National Park Papallacta Access Control…

Antisana Volcano

Antisana Volcano

The Antisana has four perfectly individualized peaks: the Central or Highest, the Northeast, the East and the South. The Highest Summit, frequently visited despite its tremendously broken and challenging glacier, presents the least climbing difficulty, but still offering great challenges. The South Summit is a very attractive mixed climbing peak, its difficult routes have been only once climbed, with the exception of the normal northeast route which has a greater number of conquests…

Atacazo – Ninahuilca Trail

Ninahuilca Chico

The Atacazo volcano with its 4457 meters is completely visible from the south of the Quito. It appears as extensive paramo fields that end up at the rocky peaks which line its old caldera. Few adventurers know that towards the volcano west side rise the volcanic domes of the Ninahuilca surrounded by an exhuberant cloud forest…

Guagua Pichincha Crater Hiking Trail

Cráter del volcán Guagua Pichincha

The Guagua Pichincha volcano had its last eruptive phase between 1999 and 2000; since then the volcanic activity has remained low, with some periods of greater or lesser intensity. The descent to the crater is restricted because of the risks that still exist, especially by volcanic gases and groundwater explosions that are unpredictable, in addition the ever present risk of falling rocks. However, when the volcanic activity is low, a few researchers and intrepid explorers continue to descend to the crater bottom…

Lloa – Mindo Trail

Trekking Lloa - Mindo, último tramo

The Lloa – Mindo trail starts to the west of Quito, southwestern area of ​​the Guagua Pichincha Volcano. It’s an ancient trail, probably pre-Hispanic, that connected the mountains to the coast, starting from the andean town of Lloa and arriving at the Mindo jungle. At present it has become customary to hike this trail in the summer months, a single day and the shortest route ignoring the vehicular road sections…

Sucos Lagoon Trail

Laguna de Sucos, Parque Nacional Cayambe Coca, Ecuador

Sucos is a beautiful lagoon at the “Virgen de Papallacta” zone, less than 1 hour from Quito and almost 4000 meters high. A short hike allows us to enjoy the beauty of this paramo in the middle of the Cayambe Coca National Park. On the lagoon surroundings, it is very common to find the leafless “achupallas”, which indicates that the spectacled andean bears were feeding on them; although these animals are very shy and rarely observed…

Cerro Puntas Volcano

Cerro Puntas, Ecuador

Cerro Puntas is located in the Pichincha Province, Cordillera Oriental, just bordering the Cayambe Coca National Park. Its shape is that of a large horseshoe, with two long chains of rocky peaks that, seen from afar, look like the teeth of a handsaw, hence its name “Cerro Puntas”. It is calculated that there are 40 to 50 peaks between the two chains…

Atacazo volcano

Volcán Atacazo, Ecuador

The Atacazo is an Ecuadorian volcano visible from the south of Quito, Tambillo and Alóag, its caldera of approximately one kilometer in diameter is open to the west. Its summits on the north face have been used for the construction of innumerable radio and television antennas.