Antisana Ecological Reserve – Ecuador National Parks


The Antisana Ecological Reserve is an Ecuadorian national park with an abundance of wildlife. Its main attraction is the impressive Antisana Volcano; but also its extensive paramos where you can watch the flight of the condor, the king of the park, and also white-tailed deer, foxes, rabbits, and birds like the Curiquingue and the ducks. The visitors, who venture through these territories, can also visit other attractive sites; like the Secas Lagoon, formed by the lava emanated in Muertepungo; or the Mica Lagoon, which is one of the largest in the Ecuadorian paramos.

Antisana Ecological Reserve
Info Antisana Ecological Reserve
Protected from 1993
Area 120000ha
Elevation 1400 – 5758m
Facilities La Mica Visitor Center, hiking trails at the La Mica Lagoon, trails in the Guacamayos sector, and in the El Tambo sector
Activities Mountaineering, hiking, cycling, photography, camping, climbing