Cayambe Coca National Park – Ecuador National Parks


The Cayambe Coca National Park is an attractive national park in Ecuador; Its highest mountain is the Cayambe Volcano (5790m), next to which the equator passes. Visitors easily fall in love with these enchanted lands, because of the beauty of Cayambe, but also because of the capricious geography and the variety of natural attractions. Hiking along one of these trails often means facing a very harsh climate, full of humidity, and diverse wildlife, the spectacled bear being the king of the park. Cayambe Coca contains an infinity of lagoons and water sources, which have allowed the supply of vital liquid to the city of Quito, and some other towns and cities in the northern Ecuador Andes. The park is home to 100 species of endemic plants, 200 species of mammals, 900 birds, 140 reptiles and 116 amphibians distributed in all its ecosystems, be it páramo, montane forest or jungle.

Cayambe Coca National Park
Info Cayambe Coca National Park
Protected from 1970
Area 404103ha
Elevation 600 – 5790m
Facilities Ruales Oleas Refuge, Water and Life High Zone, Bear Trail, Miraculous Waterfall, San Rafael Waterfall Zone
Activities Mountaineering, hiking, cycling, photography, camping, climbing