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Cotopaxi National Park – Ecuador National Parks

Morurco Peak

Cotopaxi south face and Morurco Peak

The Morurco is a rocky peak at the southern face of the Cotopaxi volcano. The peak was left after many eruptions of an ancient volcano near the actual Cotopaxi cone. The Morurco peak was formerly called “Cabeza del Inca” (The Inca Face), according to Humboldt, an appellation of uncertain origin, and founded on a popular tradition that claims this rock was once part of the Cotopaxi. This entire area belongs to the Cotopaxi National Park and has a great beauty, showing everywhere the evident results of intense volcanic activity, with volcanic sand slopes, ancient glacial valleys and the black Morurco rocks very inclined and tempting, sometimes covered with snow and ice…

Sincholagua Volcano

Volcán Sincholagua, Ecuador

The Sincholagua is a Pleistocene volcano strongly eroded by the action of glaciers. Although at present it has no glaciers, it can be admired covered with snowfields most of the year, especially from Quito and the Los Chillos Valley…

Rumiñahui Volcano

Volcán Rumiñahui, Ecuador

The Rumiñahui Volcano is an ancient volcano already extinct and with a large caldera open towards the northwest. Its name comes from the quichua “rumi”, which means “stone” and “ñahui” which means “eye”; what would come to be “Eye of Stone”. It has three main summits: the North Summit which is the highest; the Central is the easiest; and the South is the most difficult to climb…

Cotopaxi Volcano

Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi is an active stratum volcano found in the Cotopaxi Province, Cordillera Oriental, eastern bastion of the Nudo de Tiopullo. It is a very photogenic volcano with a perfectly symmetrical cone and a glacial mantle that covers it from an approximate elevation between 4600 and 4900 meters to its summit at 5897 meters. Cotopaxi is probably the most visited mountain in Ecuador, and definitely the most climbed among the so-called “high mountains” over 5200 meters high…