El Angel Ecological Reserve – Ecuador National Parks


The El Ángel Ecological Reserve is located in the northwestern highlands of Ecuador bordering Colombia. The main attractions are the Chiles Volcano, the Cerro Negro, and the Lagunas de El Voladero. The most interesting and representative are the huge expanses of páramo covered with frailejones, where thousands and thousands of these special plants can be seen, one next to the other, with their large leaves called “rabbit ears”. covered with a cottony white texture that protects them from the harshness of the climate. And among the frailejones, there are usually turquoise lagoons, such as the Lagunas de El Voladero, or the Lagunas Verdes of Chiles.

El Angel Ecological Reserve
Info El Angel Ecological Reserve
Protected from 1992
Area 16541ha
Elevation 3400 – 4760m
Facilities Trail around Laguna El Voladero, Chiles Volcano Refuge (managed by the communities), less frequented trails: Polylepis forest, Geovanny Calles – Mirador dam, Voladero – Tufiño trail, Loma Guipa – Baños trail
Activities Mountaineering, hiking, cycling, photography, camping