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Los Illinizas Ecological Reserve – Ecuador National Parks

Termas de los Ilinizas – Laguna de los Patos Hiking Trail

Iliniza Sur, Ecuador

The Cunucyacu natural hot springs and its twin Yancayacu springs are at the foot of Iliniza Sur inside Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve National Park. This hiking trail begins next to the hot springs stream and climbs through the sandy slopes until it reaches Laguna de los Patos at 4724m, very close to the steep rocks of the South Iliniza. The biggest attraction is the dazzling view of the South Iliniza with its sharp and ice-laden edges…

Quilotoa Volcano

Quilotoa Volcano

Quilotoa is a beautiful volcanic crater with a lagoon of green waters inside. The volcano is in the Cotopaxi Province and has a crater of approximately 3 kilometers in diameter and the lagoon is 375 meters below the crater viewpoint, with a calculated depth of up to 250 meters. In the volcano surroundings have settled some ancestral indigenous communities, now distributed in the picturesque towns of Zumbahua, Chucchilán, Tigua, Isinlivi and Sigchos…

The Illinizas

Los Ilinizas, Ecuador

The Ilinizas massif is located in the Cotopaxi Province, Western Cordillera, at the western end of the Tiopullo node. It is formed by two inclined peaks that rise above 5000 meters. Etymologically, the south peak should be called Iliniza and the north one Tioniza; words originated from the Atacameño and which respectively mean “male hill” and “female hill”. Currently we called them referring to their cardinal position: “Iliniza Sur” and “Iliniza Norte”…

Corazon Volcano

Volcán Corazón, Ecuador, ruta de Aloasí

The Corazon is an ancient and extinct volcano, owes its name to the “heart” shape that two of its streams draw when going down the north – eastern face visible from Aloag. This mountain can be climbed by beginners and is frequently used as a step in acclimatization for climbing higher mountains. It has three summits: South Summit or Highest Summit (4800m); Central Summit and North Summit, both of much lower elevation than the Highest, although with similar elevation between them…