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Imbabura and Carchi

Hiking Trail around Cuicocha Lagoon

Cuicocha Lagoon

The Cuicocha Lagoon is located inside an ancient volcanic crater of about 3.5 kilometers in diameter. Tourists usually include in their trip a visit to the attractive town of Cotacachi, famous for its leather crafts, and later they go to the nearby Cuicocha Lagoon where they can do some outdoor activities…

Imbabura Volcano

Volcán Imbabura, Ecuador

The Imbabura is the most representative mountain in the province of Imbabura, in Ecuador, much photographed for rising with a prominent cone from Lake San Pablo at 2670m to its maximum summit at 4640m, that is almost 2000 meters of agricultural land and paramos which end up on a steep gray rock…