Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge


An “oasis” of Andean forest occupying the caldera of the extinct Pasochoa volcano, in the middle of the inter-Andean alley and surrounded by villages, crops and grasslands. The rugged relief and difficult access made the Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge an unsuitable place for human activities and the perfect refuge for many animals and birds. Its trees loaded with abundant moss, with a large number of epiphytes, orchids, ferns and bromeliads, accommodate 127 species of birds and a diversity of mammals such as cervicabras, rabbits, skunks, and paramo wolves. Over there it is a delight to walk among the shady trails where butterflies also abound.

Important Data

National Park Refugio de Vida Silvestre Pasochoa
Protected from: 1982
Area: 520ha
Elevation: 2800 to 4100m
Facilities: Shelter, camping, restrooms, showers
Activities: Hiking, photography


Nudo de Tiopullo; 22 kilometers in a straight line southeast of Quito; 9 km from the Panamericana Hw at the Amaguaña town. When getting to Amaguaña, take the road to the southeast where it indicates the sign of the “Refugio de Vida Silvestre Pasochoa”. This road is cobbled and apt for most vehicles.



Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge Map


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