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Snow-capped mountains (above 5000m)

Carihuairazo Volcano

Volcán Carihuairazo, Ecuador

The Carihuairazo volcano is located in the Province of Tungurahua, separated from Chimborazo by the beautiful Abraspungo valley. Its name is of Quichua origin: “cari” which means male and “huay-razo” which can be translated as strong and icy wind. This 5018m mountain had until recently important glaciers on all its flanks.

Antisana Volcano

Antisana Volcano

The Antisana has four perfectly individualized peaks: the Central or Highest, the Northeast, the East and the South. The Highest Summit, frequently visited despite its tremendously broken and challenging glacier, presents the least climbing difficulty, but still offering great challenges. The South Summit is a very attractive mixed climbing peak, its difficult routes have been only once climbed, with the exception of the normal northeast route which has a greater number of conquests…

Chimborazo Volcano

Volcán Chimborazo, Ecuador

The Chimborazo with its 6268m is the highest mountain in Ecuador. Its main summits are four: Veintimilla, Whymper (or Máxima), Politécnica and Nicolás Martínez. The first two are frequently climbed; On the other hand, the Politécnica and Nicolás Martínez summits have few ascents and a higher difficulty, especially the Nicolás Martínez summit, which is the lowest although the most attractive and difficult in the Chimborazo…

Cayambe Volcano

Volcán Cayambe, Ecuador

The Cayambe with its 5790 meters is the third highest mountain in Ecuador. It’s completely covered by glaciers from an elevation between 4600 and 5000 meters on the western side, and between 4400 and 4700 on the eastern side; Deeply broken ice masses rising at two main summits from west to east, the Highest Summit and the Northeast Summit; and two “antecumbres” from north to south with the names of “Santa Bárbara” and “Cumbre Sur”, in the center of which rises the Cayambe Highest Summit…

The Illinizas

Los Ilinizas, Ecuador

The Ilinizas massif is located in the Cotopaxi Province, Western Cordillera, at the western end of the Tiopullo node. It is formed by two inclined peaks that rise above 5000 meters. Etymologically, the south peak should be called Iliniza and the north one Tioniza; words originated from the Atacameño and which respectively mean “male hill” and “female hill”. Currently we called them referring to their cardinal position: “Iliniza Sur” and “Iliniza Norte”…

Tungurahua Volcano

Volcán Tungurahua, Ecuador

The Tungurahua name comes from the two kichwa words “tungur” (throat) and “rauray” (burning). It’s an active stratum volcano whose almost perfect cone rises from the city of Baños at 1820m to the elevation of its highest summit at 5037m. This elevation change of 3,200 meters makes it probably the most prominent volcanic cone in Ecuador…

Cotopaxi Volcano

Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi is an active stratum volcano found in the Cotopaxi Province, Cordillera Oriental, eastern bastion of the Nudo de Tiopullo. It is a very photogenic volcano with a perfectly symmetrical cone and a glacial mantle that covers it from an approximate elevation between 4600 and 4900 meters to its summit at 5897 meters. Cotopaxi is probably the most visited mountain in Ecuador, and definitely the most climbed among the so-called “high mountains” over 5200 meters high…