Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve – Ecuador National Parks


The Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve is located in the central highlands of Ecuador, close to the cities of Ambato and Riobamba. The biggest attraction is the Volcán Chimborazo, with its 6268m is the highest mountain in Ecuador. It looks truly majestic from every angle, very tall and imposing, surrounded by dry wasteland on the western slopes; and more humid on the eastern slopes and around Carihuairazo (5018m). The entire area was protected from 1986, and took the name of “Fauna Production Reserve” due to the important population of vicuñas, llamas and alpacas, which were reintroduced from Peru and Chile in 1988. These species were native to the Ecuadorian Andes before the Spanish conquest. They can be seen frequently when touring the dry páramo esplanades around Chimborazo. Another very typical species is the Chimborazo Star Hummingbird (Oreotrochilus Chimborazo), with its purple head and white and gray body.

Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve
Info Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve
Protected from 1986
Area 58560ha
Elevation 3200 – 6310m
Facilities Chimborazo: El Arenal Visitor Center, Carrel and Whymper Refuges, Los Hieleros Trail. Carihuairazo: Mechahuazca Refuge (managed by the communities)
Activities Mountaineering, hiking, cycling, photography, camping, climbing