Boyeros Lagoon

Laguna de Boyeros, Ecuador

Boyeros Lagoon



Boyeros Lagoon:4010m


A blue water mirror covered by mist and a very persistent rain.

National Park: Parque Nacional Cayambe Coca

Way to Boyeros
Way to Boyeros
Boyeros, Ninarumi in the background
Boyeros, Ninarumi in the background
Boyeros Lagoon
Boyeros Lagoon


Eastern Cordillera; 37 kilometers in a straight line to the east of Quito. Take the Pifo - Papallacta (E20) highway to the east until you reach the sector known as "La Virgen" in the highest part of the paramo and 4000 meters high; There is a turnoff on the left that goes up to the Papallacta antennas where the trekking to the Boyeros Lagoon begins.

Antenas de Papallacta Route:
La Virgen de Papallacta - Antennas1.5km10min


  • The Papallacta paramo is cold and extremely humid; it's suggested to always be warm, with heavy rain protection, and to be very cautious with the fog, which along with the unclear paths have led many people to go astray.
  • Some time ago it was possible to fish large trout in this lagoon, unfortunately the overfishing has practically led to its extinction.
  • Rubber boots work great for hiking in these swamps.
  • It's advised to visit this area on December to February, which are usually drier.
  • The Papallacta area is very picturesque.


There are some attractive routes:
  • Antennas - Boyeros Lagoon (1 day)
  • Antennas - Ninarumi Summit (1 - 2 days)
  • Antennas - Parcacocha Lagoon (1 day)
  • Antennas - Yuyos Lagoon (1 day)
  • Trekking del Agua: Antennas - Parcacocha Lagoon - Baños Lagoon - Reserva Cayambe Coca Refuge - Papallacta Thermal Swimming Pools (1 day)
  • Antennas - Nunalviro Lagoon (2 days)


Loricaria thuyoides
Loricaria thuyoides

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